What does it really take to sell on Amazon? 

Follow along as I challenge my 7-figure seller friend to successfully launch a new product on Amazon

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What is The FBA Challenge?

Have you ever wondered what it actually takes to find, source and launch a product successfully on Amazon

Are you tired of "gurus" claiming they are making millions but never talk about what they sell? 

Well, in this series - I challenge my friend who is successfully doing over 7-figures selling on Amazon to show us in detail exactly how we can find a product to sell, what it takes to launch it on Amazon, and reveal every single step of the way, including all of our failures.

What to Expect in the Challenge?

What Do You Get?

An inside look as we do our:

  • Product research
  • Branding + packaging
  • Product and market validation
  • Legal structure
  • Sourcing and working with a supplier
  • Creating a Kickstarter + results
  • Keyword research + Listing optimization
  • Inspection + Shipping
  • Launching and ranking to page 1
  • Amazon PPC
  • Brand registry
  • More!!

A step by step checklist of exactly what we are doing, with videos of us doing it

💎Breakdown of A-Z Amazon FBA process step by step

💎Screenshare tutorial videos of us doing every single step for our brand

💎Links to the same resources we used

Facebook lives with experts

💎Multiple 7-figure exit

💎Insider Amazon knowledge

💎Hacks from a 1 Billion $ company

Amazon Seller Community

💎Community of 11k+ members helping each other 24/7

💎Record activity and engagement levels

💎Exclusive insider interviews with top business owners and Amazon services

Exclusive Discounts

💎Massive discounts from our sponsors

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💎Tons of bonus discounts and giveaways from top Amazon services

Our Exact Templates

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💎Tried and tested for success

💎Get the best pricing, terms, MOQs, reviews and more

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Meet The Crew!

Samer Brax

Mina Elias

Samer Brax is a YouTuber, Amazon Seller, and Amazon Consultant on a mission to provide as much value to the community in a fun way. Samer has been documenting his Amazon journey since day 1, and The FBA Challenge was his way of raising the stakes.

Mina Elias is a 7-Figure Amazon Seller, with an expertise in supplements. After getting his Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering and hating the 9-5 grind, he quit his job 6 months after launching his supplement brand, and has continued to launch 3 more brands, and invest in other brands.